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  • OMNI-GRIND - Multifunctional and flexible
  • OMNI-GRIND TWIN - The innovative Modular System
  • OMNI-GRIND PORTAL - The innovative Modular System

Best Award Winner category Steel, metal service and surface technology

Peitzmeier – grinding machines for metal surfaces

Peitzmeier Maschinenbau designs, constructs and produces Machines for Surface Processing of  Stainless Steel, Steel and Aluminum. The Product Portfolio includes Standard-Machines up to processoriented Solutions. Our ambition is to realize your processes of production easier, safer and much more efficient.

Especially by removal of Weld-Seams and grinding and polishing Surfaces, we are focussing:

  • Accurately fine sanding with steady high Quality
  • Low physical effort of the operator
  • Low dust exposure for the operator 
  • Low running costs due to very long belt to belt time of the Grinding- and Scotch Brite-Belts
  • Complete machining (5-side operation) of your high quality parts without scrap or rework

Due to the  ergonomical Design and the installed safety technology by valid CE-Norm an attractive working place is provided by our machines. In addition to this the daily clean-up of the Grinding Machine will be facilitated through the smooth and flush surfaces of machine. Designed and produced by most recent technologies we are permitted to offer the high quality Machines with a good cost benefit ratio and short delivery time, at 100 % Made in Germany. 

Innovation OMNI-GRIND 

We designed a product Innovation with the OMNI-GRIND Modular System: one Machine for various production technologies. For OMNI-GRIND Modules are available for grinding, polishing, deburring, edge rounding and beveling. Easy change or additionally installation of these processing modules suffices. With OMNI-GRIND an individual configuration for your processing is exactly feasible, based on the fact that the size of is also configurable.

Modular system

By OMNI-GRIND Modular System the Table and Machine-Size, the Tools and the grade of Automation could be selected individually. Remarkably: The Machines could be upgraded and retrofitted with all Technology-Modules.


OMNI-GRIND Twinbelt-Grindingmachines are available in two different Versions:

OMNI-GRIND TWIN Twin-Belt Grinding Machine



for flexible and efficient processing of midsize parts

  • Table width of 2, 3, 4 and 5 m
  • Table depth of 1 and 2 m
  • Height adjustment from 0,7 to 1,2 m
  • Operation manual and automatically
  • Parts handling: Table, Manipulator or Swivelling Device
  • Explosion proof for processing Aluminum
OMNI-GRIND PORTAL Twin-Belt Grinding Machine



for automatically and efficient processing of large and heavy parts

  • Table width of 2, 4 and 5 m
  • Table depth of 1 and 2 m
  • Height adjustment from 1,5 to 2,5 m
  • Operation manual and automatically
  • Parts handling: Table, Swivelling Device or Scissors-Lift-Table
  • Explosion proof for processing Aluminum



for automatic and efficient processing of large and heavy metal plates

  • Table width from 3 to 12 m
  • Table Depth from 3 to 15 m
  • Height adjustment up to 1,5 m
  • Workpiece weight up to 40 t
  • fast and parallel processing of large surfaces