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OMNI-GRIND is a Modular System, which allows an individual configuration of the Grinding Machine exactly for your processing. Available are Modules for grinding, polishing, deburring and for beveling your parts. In addition to this, the Handling of the Machine is also configurable, from manual drive of the table and tools to programmable and automatic machining of your parts. The control and all modules are retrofittable at any time.

Automatical Twin-Belt Grinding Machine in solid Gantry-Design and attractive Price-Performance Ratio

  • Maximum Working Space for the Operator by trapezoid Belt Guiding
  • Cantilever Design of the Grinding Device for machining longer parts than Table Width
  • Automatically Tool and Table Feed by Servo-Gear Motors and controlled by Beckhoff Twin-CAT
  • Programming by 15“ Multi Touch Panel and Teach-In with Jogwheel of the mobile Control Unit
  • Table width of 2, 4 and 5 m
  • Very stiff and solid Machine Frame (Machine weight ca. 5 t)


Maximum Working Space

by trapezoid belt guiding.

Solid Machine Design

very stiff and solid frame by FEM.

Ergonomic Design

Straight shape with integrated

Drive Systems for easy cleaning

and less maintenance.

Deburring and Edge Rounding Unit 4,4 kw

fully automated with Brushes

Ø 260 mm.

Polishing Head 2,2 kW

frequency-controlled and

fully automated Feed Forward.


for processing heavy parts like frames or bigger housings, programmable and driven automatically

*optionally max. 5000 kg

Flexible Clamping Devices for different weights of your parts

Handling Device < 80 kg,

Table 200 - 500 kg,

Swivelling Devices 350 - 700 kg, Scissors-Lift-Table 1500 - 5000 kg


Fully automated Handling Device

with 3 programmable pivot axes.

Modular Control System
based on the Software Twin-CAT from BECKHOFF allows the manual, semi- or total-automated handling of the machine. 

Mobile Control Unit

setting and Teach-In very easily and accurately with jogwheel of the mobile control unit.



Automatic Tool

all Modules are retrofittable at any time.